Can I cancel my subscription?
Your subscription runs for a period of 1 year. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the year by logging into your account, clicking on the 'My Account' tab, then updating your requirements in the 'My Subscriptions' area , however we will not be able to refund any unused months. For your convenience, it will automatically renew for the following year unless cancelled.

Can I subscribe the same child into more than one year group?
Yes you can.  You can subscribe your child to as many year groups you wish to.  Alternatively, you could purchase a 'Full Access' subscription which will give you access to all year groups. This may be useful if your child needs reinforcement of skills covered in previous years, or if your child is more able and needs an added challenge.

Can I get a refund?
Teach My Kids is a service that starts immediately upon subscribing, therefore we cannot offer a refund once subscription fees have been taken.  We would encourage you to look around the website and take up the trial to ensure you are happy with service we provide.

Can I change year groups?
Your subscription is for a year and is based on the year group you have chosen for your child (unless you have purchased a 'Full Access' subscription.  If you would like to change your child's year group, you will need to buy another 'Single Year' subscription for the new year group.  For exceptional circumstances, it is at the discretion of Teach My Kids to allow a year group change free of charge.

Can I subscribe more than one child?
Yes you can.  Click on the 'Add a child' button to buy a subscription for other children.  Once subscribed you can easily switch between children, without the need to log in and out each time.

Will Do I have to log in and out to change between subscribed children?
You can easily switch between children, view and continue with each child's Year Group worksheets by clicking on the 'Switch Child' button.  The 'Switch Child' button is available on all logged in pages.

What do I need to be able to view/download the worksheets?
To make the most of Teach My Kids, you will need to download our worksheets. These are viewable using a PDF viewer such as http://get.adobe.com/reader/​.

Will it work on my computer, laptop, tablet, mobile?
The website has been designed to work on desktop/laptop computers in all major browsers. It will also display on tablets and smartphones.

Is your website available on my mobile phone?
Teach My Kids website should work on most tablets and smartphones.

Are my payment details safe?
Your card details which you use with us online, are encrypted (scrambled) and sent to us using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This is industry standard encryption technology, used by many popular online retail websites, that protects the card details whilst they are being sent over the internet and prevents them from being intercepted and misused by anyone else.

We do not store any credit card details on our servers.

Will my subscription auto-renew?
For your convenience, your subscription will automatically renew for the following year unless cancelled. You will receive a reminder email one month before this is due to happen.  Please ensure Teach My Kids is on your safe senders list and check your trash/junk folders we can't control how your email program behaves and what happens to emails once they have been sent to your email address. You can cancel your renewal yourself by logging in to Teach My Kids and clicking on the 'Cancel Subscription' button in the 'My Account' area. Please note: Once a payment is taken, renewals cannot be refunded, as it is an immediate download service and you will have continued access.  Please ensure cancellations have taken place prior to the renewal date above.

I think the website isn't working – what can I do?
If you are encountering issues when using Teach My Kids, then provide as much information as possible to us by emailing customers@teachmykids.co.uk.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Teach My Kids?
Please see our 'Sign Up' page for current package prices.

Why haven't I received my login / password / confirmation details?
Check your spam or junk folder for the email. If you cannot find it, then please get in touch and we will try and help resolve the problem.

I have taken out a trial, how do I subscribe?
You can upgrade your subscription at any time through the logged in pages.  Please Note: Your trial subscription will automatically be subscribed to the full package, unless you notify us about your intention to cancel at least 24 hours before you trial period is due to end. 

How long does my subscription last?
Your subscription to Teach My Kids will last for 1 year.  Your subscription will automatically renew, unless it is cancelled.

How do I get the member discount for the worksheet packs?
If you subscribe to one of our annual or single packages, you will get a 10% discount on any worksheet packs that you purchase. To ensure you recieve the 10% discount, you will need to make sure you are logged in before you make your worksheet pack purchase.

I am a teacher, can I subscribe and use the worksheets with my class?
Individual year group subscriptions are only available for personal use and for your household only.  Schools, private tutors and other institutions can take advantage of the resources we provide by completing the School Application Form. Please visit our schools area for more details.

How are the resources Teach My Kids provides organised?
Teach My Kids provides your child with worksheets and other resources specific to their year group at school.  Our worksheets focus on Maths and English.  Each subject area is broken down into manageable chunks to allow your child to work through the worksheets at their own pace, whilst ensuring progression is made. 

Why have I found a mistake in one of your downloads / content on your website?
We try our very best to make sure all our content is accurate, however the odd mistake may have slipped through the net!  If you find an error in any of our content, please email us to let us know and we will put it right asap.

How often do you add worksheets?
Worksheets across all year groups are added on a regular basis.  Subject areas will automatically be updated to include the new worksheets. 

How often will a reward be given for completing worksheets?
Rewards are revealed when certain milestones are reached, rather than only when a subject area has been completed.  This is so that there is an element of surprise when a reward is revealed. Milestones depend on the year group you have chosen for your child.  When all worksheets have been completed for the year group, a certificate is unlocked for you to download and print off. 

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