Do you have children in your class that could do with a helping hand in Maths and English?Maths and English Worksheets
Do you want to provide the children in your school with homework that supports and reinforces what they have learnt at school?
Do you want to save on teacher time? 
How can you offer individual support and intervention?
How can you help your pupils achieve master key facts and concepts?

This is where Teach My Kids can help.

  • Help reinforce and supplement age related expectations taught in school.
  • Worksheets can be used to support teaching in the classroom, or as homework.  
  • Used by teachers, support staff or teaching assistants to develop depth of understanding, assess which pupils have successfully mastered new learning, or to provide pupils with the opportunity to deepen and enrich their understanding.

Our Maths and English worksheets are split into easy to manage sections that match objectives in the Primary National Curriculum.

Worksheets follow the National Curriculum expectations for each year group.  They consist of explanations and examples to help clarify, reinforce and embed skills learnt.

Areas covered include:

English - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction, Phonics, Handwriting
Maths - Number, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Word Problems, Shape, space and measure.

Our worksheets build on skills learnt in previous years, ensuring progression is consistent throughout the year and as children move up the year groups.

Teach My Kids actively encourage schools to take advantage of the content contained within the website to help develop parent / school relationships.

How Can Schools Join?

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