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Division - Written Methods

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The focus of this pack is on different methods for dividing numbers.

Includes clear examples and explanations.  

A compilation of 27 high quality worksheets covering a range of divisions strategies, taken from our subscription packages. Includes clear examples and explanations.

The focus of this pack is to teach children different written methods for dividing numbers.
Plenty of activities to work through, presented in different ways to encourage children to practise each method.  Answers are included.

Worksheets ideal for children aged 8 - 11 years old. Practise and revise how to divide 2 digit and 3 digit numbers, the chunking method, short division and long division.

Worksheets included in pack:
Division – Chunking Method  
- Using the Chunking Method TU                
- Using the Chunking Method HTU                
- Chunking Method TU, HTU                    
- Chunking Method HTU Extra Practise            

Division – Short Division            
- Short Division TU                                
- Short Division HTU                        
- Division, Short or Chunking?                    
- Times to Divide                        
- Short Division, Decimal Numbers                

Division – Long Division
- Repeated Subtraction HTU                 
- Traditional Method HTU

Includes answers and progress tracker.

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