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Phonics Pack 3

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29 quality worksheets, with clear examples and explanations.
Read and write words phonetically, including common blends, digraphs and vowel sound alternatives. 

A compilation of worksheets taken from our subscription packages. This pack also shows how rhyming and sounding out words can be used to help with spellings.

Sounds practised include: sh, ch, th, fl, st, br, tr, cl, long oo or short oo, ay, ow, sp, sm, sn, qu, str, mp, nd, air, ear, er, ou, ow, oi, oy, real/nonsense words, ake, ock, ad, ate, ine, eep, ice, ook

Worksheets include:
sh, ch, th Words                                        
fl, st, br, tr, cl Words                    
Phonics - long oo or short oo
                sp, sm, sn     
Word-Building - qu 
                          mp, nd
Phonics – Missing Sounds in Words 
Phonics - air, ear, er
                ou, ow
                oi, oy
Sounding Out Words - Spellings        
Rhyming Words - real/nonsense words
                             ake ock ad
                             ate ine eep ice ook
Long Vowel Sounds  - individual worksheets covering each vowel sound                        
Phonics - individual worksheets covering vowel sounds alternatives        
Sound Flashcards

Pages in pack: 32


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