Quick Mental Maths - Speed Sheets (Number Bonds to 10) Quick View

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Quick Mental Maths - Speed Sheets (Number Bonds to 10)

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These Mental Maths Speed Sheets have been created to help children add and subtract numbers 0 - 10 quickly.

If children can add and subtract numbers under 10 quickly without having to spend too long working out the answer, they can then move onto solving and understanding other more complex maths problems quickly.

Each speed sheet contains 50 sums. The aim is that children will ‘just know’ the answers without having to think about it or use their fingers or other equipment to count.

Suggested time limits to solve all 50 sums have been set against each speed sheet, but these are for guidance and to give children a goal. The time suggestion can be increased/decreased depending on each child’s ability.

Each speed sheet can be re-used many times to develop speed. The suggested number of times to re-use each speed sheet is 3 times, but this can be changed depending on each child’s ability and confidence.



How To Use Speed Sheets

Addition Speed Sheet 1

Addition Speed Sheet 2

Addition Speed Sheet 3

Subtraction Speed Sheet 1

Subtraction Speed Sheet 2

Subtraction Speed Sheet 3

Addition and Subtraction Speed Sheet 1

Addition and Subtraction Speed Sheet 2

Addition and Subtraction Speed Sheet 3

Speed Sheets Answers Grids


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