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Revise and Practise - Grammar Pack 2

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Make sure your grammar is up to scratch. 16 Worksheets created to help children improve their grammar skills at Key Stage 2. Ideal for homework.

Improve your sentence writing, make sure they are grammatically correct and extend your sentences to make them more interesting.

Track your child's progress, each page offers your child the opportunity to assess how they are getting on.  Giving you an insight into which areas of grammar need more practise.

Covers many of the year 5 and year 6 grammar objectives in the National Curriculum. Answers are included with the pack.
The packs helps children develop a good grasp of adverbs, adverbial phrases, connectives for different purposes, clauses, active/passive voice etc, in order to structure their sentences in interesting and grammatically correct ways. 

Worksheets in the pack:
- Sentence Types
- Collective Nouns 
- Abstract Nouns
- Pronouns – Personal, Possessive, Relative 
- Subject, Verb and Object
- Subject, Verb Agreement
- Synonyms
- Adjectives - Comparative and Superlatives
- Adverbs
- Adverbial Phrases
- Clauses and Phrases
- Conjunctions for Different Purposes 1
- Conjunctions for Different Purposes 2
- Complex Sentences
- Active and Passive Voice
- Formal and Informal Language

Pages in pack: 22

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