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Spelling Tests - Pack 2

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Practise and learn your spellings.  28 tests, each test containing 10 words. 

Includes keywords and common spelling patterns.  Ideal for children aged between 7 and 11 years old.

Covers the spellings requirements of the National Curriculum and reinforces phonics taught at school.

Can be used for weekly tests or for homework. 
Words are set out in a table to allow children to practise each word.
Practise and learn spellings rules. Methods for learning spellings are provided.

Covers the spellings objectives for Years 3 and 4. Can also be used with children in Years 5 and 6, or for revision.

Spelling Tests 1 – 10 (keywords)
Spelling Test 11 (double letter words)
Spelling Test 12 (Prefixes: un-)
Spelling Test 13 (Prefixes: mis-, in-)
Spelling Test 14 (Prefixes: dis-)
Spelling Test 15 (Prefixes: il-, im-, ir-)
Spelling Test 16 (Prefixes: re-, sub-)
Spelling Test 17 (Prefixes: super, anti, auto)
Spelling Test 18 (-ation)
Spelling Test 19 (-sure, -ture)
Spelling Test 20 (-sion)
Spelling Test 21 (-tion)
Spelling Test 22 (-cian)
Spelling Test 23 (-ly)
Spelling Test 24 (-ness, -ment)
Spelling Test 25 (-que, ksound spelt ch)
Spelling Test 26 (s sound spelt sc)
Spelling Test 27 (homophones)
Spelling Test 28 (homophones)

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