Times Tables / Division Tests (to x12) - Individual Tables Quick View

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Times Tables / Division Tests (to x12) - Individual Tables

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Knowing your times tables and division facts is a vital life skill.
Each test within the pack will focus on a times table and its corresponding division facts. 

Division questions are included, as it is easier for children to learn division facts with the times tables facts.

The aim is for children to know the answer to a times tables or division question without having to count, or say the whole times table by rote every time.

Knowing the multiplication and associated division facts will also make problem solving in other areas of maths much easier and quicker.T

This pack has been created to incorporate two types of tests:

Mental Recall Tests - help children improve their mental recall of multiplication
                                   and division facts up to x12. 
Speed Tests - improve the speed at which individual tables/division facts are

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