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Teach My Kids Founder/Mum How Did Teach My Kids Begin?

 Teach My Kids founder, Sunita, came up with the idea of Teach My Kids when speaking to parents, whilst waiting in the playground to pick up her children from school.  

 Many parents wanted to help their children at home with things they had learnt at school, but just didn't know what to do.  They faced two basic problems: they didn't know what was     being taught and how they could help their children in the right way.  A lot of parents were scared of teaching their children the wrong way or the wrong thing.

 With many years experience working in Primary schools (as a teacher, a curriculum subject leader and part of the senior leadership team), combined with the experience of being a       mum of two, she was in the ideal position to be able to help parents.  She was able to use her experience as a teacher and a parent to create Teach My Kids.

 The aim was to create a website for parents to use easily, kept them informed with advice and tips, and helped them work / support their children at home in Math and English with   confidence.  We hope that is what we have achieved.

Since the early days, Teach My Kids has come a long way.  We are continuously looking to improve the website, whilst always keeping our core principles at the forefront of everything we do.

Looking Into The Future

Teach My Kids knows how important a child's education is.  A good education at Primary school will help children secure basic skills and knowledge in Maths and English for the rest of their lives. These firm foundations will make future schooling easier, allowing children to easily build on what they already know.

Teach My Kids continues to adapt to changes in the education system to ensure children's learning is in line with current requirements at school.  But never forgetting about the core skills every child needs to learn to succeed.

Teach My Kids Donations To Charity

Children's education is important, but children's health, social and mental wellbeing is also vitally important. We wish all children could grow up in a loving, caring environment. Unfortunately this is not the case for all children.

Teach My Kids believes in the work of the NSPCC, which helps protect children, preventing abuse and transforming society to make it a safer place for children. The NSPCC is a charity that is focussed on ending child cruelty. We would like to support these the NSPCC with your help, in the hope that no child should ever suffer alone or in silence. They also provide a service called Childline, a free and confidential helpline. If a child is in distress or danger they can talk to them.

To support the NSPCC, Teach My Kids has pledged to make a donationfor every new customer, annual subscription purchased. 

Find out more about how the NSPCC helps protect children

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