What is Teach My Kids?

Teach My Kids is aimed at helping children at Primary School improve and make progress in literacy and numeracy throughout the academic year.  Our aim is to support children's learning allowing them to achieve the age related expectations set out in the National Curriculum.


What does Teach My Kids provide?

We provide printable worksheets and essential resources for Primary Aged children.  We cover topic areas in Maths and English, such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, phonics, writing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time and more.
We also provide advice and tips on general schooling / education issues, social and physical wellbeing of children, teaching and learning.  This area is aimed at parents.


How will my school benefit?

Our resources can be used to reinforce for objectives covered at school, to set as homework, support children who are struggling in certain areas, as an assessment tool to distinguish children who have mastered new learning.  They can also be used as a catch up for new to English children and can help improve parent / school relationships.  


How do you help fulfill age expected learning and ensure progress is made?

Teach My Kids focus is on developing literacy and numeracy skills.  It can be used on a yearly basis to build on knowledge and skills developed in a progressive way.  We follow the National Curriculum, therefore children are given the opportunity to reinforce and build on skills they have learnt in previous years, in exactly the same they would at school.  Topics, skills and methodology learnt at school in each year group, is matched by Teach My Kids.


Not all schools teach literacy and numeracy objectives at the same time / in the same term.  How does Teach my Kids deal with this?

All our worksheets and essential resources are set in year groups.  Each year group contains numeracy and literacy worksheets.  These worksheets are organised into learning areas.  Literacy learning areas include: phonics, handwriting, word, sentence, writing – fiction / non-fiction.  Numeracy learning areas include: number, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, shape, space and measures.

The resources within each learning area is key to ensuring progress is made by children at any school.  Worksheets can be downloaded and printed in the order they are presented.  Alternatively, if the school is covering a particular learning area or skill, or a child needs extra help on a specific skill, the appropriate worksheet can be downloaded from any point.


How Schools Can Join?

Fill in the Schools Application Form or contact us by email: hello@teachmykids.co.uk


How long does a school subscription last?

A school subscription lasts for 12 months, for up to 4 members of staff.


How can my school pay for a subscription?

Payment can be made either by invoice or by cheque (payment by cheque will incur a £3 admin charge)


What happens once I have made payment?

Once we have received your payment, we will email you usernames and passwords, this will enable up to 4 members of staff to access the worksheets and resources. Subscriptions for additional members of staff can be purchased.


How easy is it to re-subscribe?

For your convenience, we will automatically email you a month before your subscription is due to finish.

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