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Multiplication - Written Methods

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32 worksheets pack. Practise and learn different methods for multiplying numbers.

Includes the grid method, pertitioning, short multiplication and long multiplication.

Questions and sums set out clearly to allow for reinforcement.

Includes multiplying with 1, 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers.

Clear explanations and examples given. Can be used for homework, reinforcement, revision or for classwork. Answers provided.

Ideal for children aged 8 - 11 years old. 

Pages in pack: 49

Times Tables Square
Written Method – Partitioning
Written Method - Grid Method 
- TU x T
- HTU x U 
- TU x TU
- HTU x TU
- Multiplying Decimal Numbers 
- Using the Grid Method, Revision

Written Method – Short Multiplication
- Expanded Short Multiplication TU
- Short Multiplication TU x T
- Short Multiplication HTU x T
- Short Multiplication ThHTU x T
- Short Multiplication, Revision

Written Method – Long Multiplication
- Expanded Long Multiplication TU x TU
- Expanded Long Multiplication HTU x TU
- Long Multiplication HTU x TU
- Long Multiplication , Revision

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