Our Ethos


Our Aim

Our aim is to help children succeed at school. Supporting children in Maths and English can be made easier if you have the right resources. 

To improve children's learning and confidence in Literacy and Numeracy using our specially created worksheets and resources.  
We don't just want children to do a worksheet for the sake of doing it, just so that they have been given something to do, regardless of whether any learning has actually taken place.

Our Principles

Every Teach My Kids worksheet has been developed with some basic principals in mind:

So Why Choose Teach My Kids?

We cover both Maths and English from EYFS2 to yr6 (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)

How are Teach MY Kids Worksheets organised?
Our Maths and English worksheets are grouped and ordered into a path, which your child can work through either on their own or with your support.

How do Teach My Kids Worksheets help?
Our worksheets help by giving you a defined path for your child to work along.
They have been designed to follow a similar pattern to how schools teach Maths and English.

Are Teach My Kids worksheets different to how Maths and English is taught in schools?
Our worksheets take into account current teaching methods used in Primary Schools today.
All worksheets teach the same techniques which all teachers are familiar with.

How do I make the most of Teach My Kids worksheets?
Make the most of our worksheets by working through each path in the specially defined order.
Alternatively, pick and choose a worksheet you know your child needs help with.  The choice is yours!

Will my children like using Teach My Kids?
Kids love rewards. Luckily, Teach My Kids has a reward scheme built in. Motivate your child by unlocking rewards when milestones are reached.
Complete all the worksheets for a year group to earn certificates and desktop wallpapers. You can also print off certificates for on the spot rewards.

What other resources does Teach My Kids provide?
Access TMK Essentials for use with our worksheets, or on their own. Advice & Tips are specially written articles that offer practical, everyday tips for educating your child.
Play Games to complement learning and check understanding.  Purchase additional learning packs to focus on skills your child needs to develop.

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