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Spelling Tests - Pack 3

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20 tests, each test contains 15 words and an extension activity. Plus a blank spellings grid to write your own words. 

This pack includes keywords and common spelling patterns. 

Can be used for weekly tests, or for homework. Methods for learning spellings are provided.

Covers the spellings requirements of the National Curriculum. Helps children practise spelling rules. 
Ideal for children aged between 9 and 11 years old.

Words are set out in a table to allow children to practise each word.
There is also an extension activity for each set of words, giving children the opportunity to use the words in a sentence or find out word meanings.

Spelling Tests 1 – 6 (keywords)
Spelling Test 7 (keywords, -our words)
Spelling Test 8 (silent letters)
Spelling Test 9 (homophones)
Spelling Test 10 (homophones)
Spelling Test 11 (ough words)
Spelling Test 12 (ie words)
Spelling Test 13 (ei words)
Spelling Test 14 (-cial, -cious)
Spelling Test 15 (-tial, -tious)
Spelling Test 16 (-ible, -ilbly)
Spelling Test 17 (-able. -ably)
Spelling Test 18 (en, ate, ify, ise words)
Spelling Test 19 (bi, tri, quad, centi words)
Spelling Test 20 (small to large)
Blank Spellings Grid

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