Computer Games - How It Can Affect Children’s Behaviour

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Computer Games, Video Games - The Effects They Could Have On Our Children.

Computer Games, Nintendo DS, Nintendo WII, Playstation, XBox, Online Games, most children will have access to one of these.

Many parents these days are reluctant to let their children to go out to play on their own because of safety issues. So what can children do instead? With our busy lifestyles, parents can find it difficult keeping their children entertained, especially during the holidays. One activity parents opt for and children love is to play computer games. The children are occupied and parents/carers can get on with other jobs. Is this you? Do you let your children play computer games for a long periods of time and ignore age restrictions, it can be very easy to slip into this kind of routine, but how does it impact our children?

Interesting research shows that kids who play more computer games could develop attention and concentration problems - causing them to make silly mistakes in their work and sustaining attention when a subject is difficult or boring.

Many teachers are also concerned about the impact violent computer games can have on young minds. If children are also playing computer games in their rooms till late at night, they will be also be too tired to concentrate at school.

Playing computer games could also have an effect on a child's social development and the amount of exercise they will be getting.

Research Results Into How Children Are Affected By Computer Games

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