Access print-friendly, downloadable Maths and English resources for easy learning

Our aim is to help children succeed at school. Supporting children in Maths and English can be made easier if you have the right resources.

What does Teach My Kids do?

Our aim is to help children succeed at school. Supporting children in Maths and English can be made easier if you have the right resources. To improve children's learning and confidence in Literacy and Numeracy using our specially created worksheets and resources. We don't just want children to do a worksheet for the sake of doing it, just so that they have been given something to do, regardless of whether any learning has actually taken place.

Downloadable Worksheets

Instant download of print-friendly worksheets and resources to work on at home.

Simply Organised

Quick access to worksheets and resources grouped into year groups and topics across both Maths and English.

Mark as Completed

Keep track of worksheets and resources worked on by setting them as completed.

Follows National Curriculum

Our worksheets and resources follow the Primary National Curriculum.

Achieve Age Expected Standards

From building on the foundations already learnt in school, to learning new concepts in KS1 & KS2

Tried and Tested on Kids

Worksheets and resources created from classroom and educator experience.


Start learning today by selecting from one of our one-off yearly payment packages with no subscription or recurring fees.


Once paid, you will get access to our large selection of print-friendly downloadable worksheets and resources.


Once the year is up, you can choose to renew and continue your learning at home.

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How does Teach My Kids help?

Work at a pace comfortable for your child. 

Worksheets follow the National Curriculum, supporting teaching and learning at school.

Give your child a helping hand.

Teaching Resources for Homeschooling and Teachers

Primary Maths Worksheets and English Worksheets

Save yourself time!

Why waste time rummaging around, looking for worksheets?

Teach My Kids worksheets support Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2. Our worksheets cover areas in Maths and English making it easier for homeschooling and teaching staff to find and download worksheets at their convenience.

Our worksheets are grouped into key learning areas in Maths and English. Organised into school Key Stages to support the Primary National Curriculum, allowing children to master key learning objectives and concepts before moving on to the next year group.


Helping Your Child With Maths and English

Kids need help with Maths and English? Too busy after school to rummage around finding the right worksheet? Need printable Literacy and Numeracy activities for children to do at home?

We've done all the planning for you:
KS1, KS2 English worksheets for spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing.
KS1, KS2 Maths worksheets for addition, subtraction, word problems, multiplication ... we've got it covered!

Our worksheets are organised to save you time, helping your children make progress throughout the school year. Flexibility has been built in to allow your child to follow subject areas as they are covered at primary school.

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Teach My Kids Learning Channel

Math & English Videos To Support Learning.

Visit Teach My Kids YouTube Channel

Our learning channel videos can be used to support childrens learning and can be used with our worksheets.

Videos include: Read Aloud Stories, Phonics Help, Maths Step by Step Tutorials.

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Progress Tracking

Improve Your Child's Learning At Home.

Find out what your child is good at and what they need help with in Maths and English.

Our progress tracker allows children to complete worksheets, feedback and assess their understanding and learning.

View your child's progress through Key Stages 1 & 2 and see how well they are doing in each subject area. You can see what they should do next and what they need extra support with.

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Motivate Your Child To Learn

Instant, printable kids certificates to give your child positive encouragement.

Special achievement certificates can also be downloaded anytime, for those days when you think your child has tried hard or is just brilliant!

Use our kid's sticker charts to help your child work towards their targets in Maths and English.

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Fed Up with Subscriptions? (we know how you feel)
One-Time Payment for a Year


Single Year Group

Start Learning Today One-time payment. Pay once for one year.

    following the National Curriculum

    to aid learning & revision

    Extra worksheets, useful resources, curriculum information



All Year Groups

Start Learning Today One-time payment. Pay once for one year.


    from EYFS, Key Stages 1 & 2

    following the National Curriculum

    to aid learning & revision

    Extra worksheets, useful resources, curriculum information

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"Amazing site just renewed my subscription for the second year. This site is well structured and has helped to assure me that the work we do at home co-ordinates and strengthens the work done at school."

Reena Chohan

"Teach My Kids is a fantastic resource. We use the work sheets to reinforce the Maths and English that our children, James 9 and Katie 8, are learning at school. They are ideal for when we have a spare 10 – 15 minutes, and also give us as parents the opportunity to see how much our kids know!

As and when the work sheets are completed, I log in and tick them as completed, so it’s clear which topics have been covered. I try to do 2 - 4 of worksheets a week and feel that they are of great benefit to both our children.

I would definitely recommend ‘Teach My Kids’, it’s fantastic value for money and if you have any questions or queries these are answered promptly."

Emma Robinson

"I have found the ‘Teach my Kids’ website to be very helpful and informative. The worksheets met my children’s individual needs at a time when I was struggling with ways in which to support them. They were very easy to follow have made a real impact on their confidence in Maths and English.

The website is clear and well thought out and easy for anyone to follow. Any queries are responded to promptly. A great website for parents!"

B. Gidda

"Teach My Kids has all the ingredients of the National Curriculum and above all good lesson planning. Such an excellent tool for parents and children. The worksheets are attractive and easy to read and follow. Excellent lively illustrations. I am impressed by the rewards systems and learning path progress. The learning paths are well constructed and brilliant because all the children in the family can use it. Very useful advice to parents.

I would encouraged parents towards this user friendly and excellent web site."

M. Welton

"Teach my kids is a very valuable website! Great worksheets available that help me and my child on her sometimes confusing learning path. Fabulous helpful and friendly owners, would highly recommend!"

Emma Jones

"I have been with Teach My Kids for a few months and can see an improvement in my daughter. The rewards have helped her stay focused."