Free Maths Worksheet - Place Value Cards for making numbers and partitioning

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What is Place Value?

How Do You Partition Numbers?

In maths, numbers have a place value.  This can be units, tens, hundreds, thousands etc. A number can be broken down (partitioned) to show the value of each digit in the number, e.g. 429 = 400 + 20 + 9.  Therefore the number 429 is made up of 4 hundreds, 2 tens and 9 units.

Place Value (knowing what each digit in a number is worth), plays an important part in KS1 maths and KS2 maths.  

Regular use of place value cards will help children understand the number system, and aid the learning of addition and subtraction.  Being able to partition numbers helps children add and take away numbers mentally and using written methods.  

Primary schools teach place value and partitioning on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

A child confident with the place value of numbers will be able to calculate and solve problems quickly and easily.

Free Maths Worksheet - Partitioning Numbers.

Click on the download link below for your free maths worksheet containing place value cards.

This KS1 Maths and KS2 Maths Worksheet includes place value cards (to print out and cut).  A clear explanation of how to use place value cards is also included. With four maths games and maths activities, you will be giving your child an excellent head start in maths.

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