Top Ten Tips For Homework Survival - How To Get Your KS2 Child To Finish Their Homework!

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It happens every week.  Your child comes home from school with homework!  

In an ideal world, your child will sit down and get their school homework done quickly and properly, well before it is due to be handed in.  In reality, this doesn't always happen!

Whether you want to help your child with school homework, or you want them to do extra work at home to support their learning at school, homework can become a real issue.  Parents play an important role and have the biggest influence on their child's development and how well they do at school  .  Speaking to your child about their day, offering your support and spending time with them is extremely important.  

It is a case of trying to get the balance right, you need to make sure you:

-  have fun with your child, play and speak to them

- give them space and time to do their own things

- encourage, support, guide and get involved with homework.

Top Ten Tips For Homework Help.  

1. Make time, even if its just 5 minutes.
2. Experience counts, link days out/visits to school work.
3. Take an interest in, ask your child what they have leanrned.
4. Lend a hand, let your child know you are there to help.
5. Watch T.V programmes as prompts for discussion.
6. Remove distractions.
7. Have a look to see how your child is getting on with their work.
8. Give praise.
9. Talk with your child's teacher.
10. Reward progress.

The Government recognises the importance of the home-learning environment, and the role parents play in their child's intellectual and social development.  A guide has been produced by the DFE and goes through the tips above in more detail.

But not everyday and every child is the same.  This guide will also help and give you ideas on what to do in tricky situations.

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