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Phonics Pack 3

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29 quality worksheets, with clear examples and explanations.
Read and write words phonetically, including common blends, digraphs and vowel sound alternatives. 

The pack also shows how rhyming and sounding out words can be used to help with spellings.

Sounds practised include: sh, ch, th, fl, st, br, tr, cl, long oo or short oo, ay, ow, sp, sm, sn, qu, str, mp, nd, air, ear, er, ou, ow, oi, oy, real/nonsense words, ake, ock, ad, ate, ine, eep, ice, ook

Worksheets include:
sh, ch, th Words                                        
fl, st, br, tr, cl Words                    
Phonics - long oo or short oo
                sp, sm, sn     
Word-Building - qu 
                          mp, nd
Phonics – Missing Sounds in Words 
Phonics - air, ear, er
                ou, ow
                oi, oy
Sounding Out Words - Spellings        
Rhyming Words - real/nonsense words
                             ake ock ad
                             ate ine eep ice ook
Long Vowel Sounds  - individual worksheets covering each vowel sound                        
Phonics - individual worksheets covering vowel sounds alternatives        
Sound Flashcards

Pages in pack: 32


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