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Tis the season to be jolly – until the kids get bored!

The weeks running up to Christmas can be full of excitement. Kids love this time of year and it is the ideal time to get creative, whilst spending quality time with your kids. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. There are lots of things you can do with kids at home for very little cost.

Here are some Christmas activity ideas to get you going.


1) Make some paper chains to decorate your house. Cut up A4 paper or any cheap wrapping paper into strips about 15cm long and 2cm wide. Stick the ends together to make a chain.

2) Make your own wrapping paper. Cut out some templates for the kids to draw around from an old cereal box. Templates can include: christmas tree, bauble, holly, snowman, star etc. Kids can mix and match the templates to create and colour in their own patterns and pictures on plain paper.

3) Make some christmas tree decorations. Make some templates as the activity above. Kids can draw around them on cardboard or empty cereal packaging. Cut out the decorations and then punch a hole in the top. The decorations can be coloured or you can use cotton wool, sequins, glitter etc to decorate with. Then put some string through the hole.

4) Christmas jigsaws. Cut up some Christmas cards into different shapes and sizes. Now try and put them back together.

5) Make a Christmas headband for everyone to wear for Christmas Dinner. Cut out strips of coloured cardboard or paper and decorate.


1) Coconut snowballs

2) Christmas biscuits (to put on your Christmas tree)

3) Mini Rocky Road Cakes

4) Chocolate snowman truffles

5) Peppermint creams

6) Reindeer hand cookies


1) Santa’s journey around the world. Print off an outline of the world. You can use an atlas to help you. Plot the route Santa will take around the world, which cities / countries will he visit?

2) Santa’s Little Helpers. Santa has got 26 elves helping him. Each elf needs a name. Can you name names the elves by using every letter of the alphabet? E.g. A = Alfie, B = Bertie ...

3) The reindeer are feeling a little off colour and sluggish this year. Write a recipe to create a festive drink or stew to give to the reindeer before their long journey begins. Remember to write the ingredients needed and method.

4) Draw a plan of your house or draw a picture of a room in your house. This year’s Christmas presents have been hidden in different places. Write some clues to help a member of your family find the presents.

5) Make a Christmas wordsearch.

6) Picture sums. Draw some Christmas symbols at the top of your page e.g. bauble, Christmas pudding, holly, star, hat, snowball. Give each symbol a number. Use the symbols to create some add, take away, multiply or divide sums. E.g. if = 5, x = 25

7) Write a story about what happened when the evil Snow Queen or Snow Wizard captured Santa. Why was he taken? Where was he taken to? Who will rescue him? How will he escape? What will the Snow Queen or Snow wizard do to stop him being rescued?

8) Write a Christmas acrostic poem. Use the example below to help you get started.
Carol singers sing sweetly outside for all to hear.
Happy children waiting eagerly for Santa.
Reindeer fed and ready to go.
Icy winds blow, wrap up warm or feel the chill.

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