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Parent View - OFSTED Primary School Review

Most parents send their children to the primary school that is nearest to where they live.  But do you really know how good a primary school is? If you are not happy with the quality of education provided at your child's primary school, what can you do? Who can you tell that will listen and do something?  You may speak to the class teacher or the head teacher, but what if you are still not convinced enough is being done?

How well your child does at primary school depends on many factors.  The quality of teaching and learning, availability of quality after-school clubs, teacher expectations, parental involvement, pro-active Governors, leadership and management within the school, resources available to the children, can all have a huge impact on the kind of education a child receives.

Ofsted regularly inspects schools, but is this a reliable form of judging how well a primary school is educating its pupils?  I have heard many parents complaining  / praising the school their child goes to, but who is listening?  Other parents? Other children?  The class teacher?

Ofsted have set up a website that allows parents to view their opinion on 12 aspects about their child's primary school. Comments can be made about the quality of teaching, bullying, behaviour of children etc.  You can make a difference and help your child's school improve.  Ofsted use the information provided to help them decide which primary schools to inspect and when.  You can also view what other people think about the school and view the results from any primary school in England.

Now you can make difference and improve the education your child recieves.  

Visit the OFSTED website and give your opinion.

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