Writing Descriptive Sentences (adjectives) - What Can You See?

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Writing sentences that help the reader create a picture in their mind, can be a difficult idea for children to grasp.  KS1 and KS2 children often write what colour things are, but forget to use adjectives that describe what it feels, sounds, tastes, smells like.  

Writing descriptive sentences, using adjectives, will help children with their story writing, poetry, report writing and many other types of writing.

This English Worksheet will help KS1 children write descriptive sentences using adjectives.  
Look at the picture on the worksheet with your child.  Discuss what you can see.  Try and encourage your child to use describing words, e.g. describing the colour of things, sounds that might be heard, how something might feel etc.  

Write some sentences describing the picture.  Describing words (adjectives) have been included on this literacy worksheet to help your child get started.

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