Making Sentences More Interesting - Using Nouns, Verbs, Adjective and Adverbs Worksheet

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How to make sentences more interesting. 

KS2 children often don't know how to make their sentences interesting.  They can write simple sentences, but writing a compound sentence or complex sentence can be difficult.  Year 5 and year 6 Primary School children are expected to write sentences of varying length that uses a variety of words chosen for interest.

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Children should use a variety of sentences in their fiction and non-fiction writing.  This adds interest to their writing and makes the audience want to continue reading.  Short sentences can be extended and made longer by using a variety of coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.  Conjunctions which can be used to extend sentences include: and, but, because, however, therefore, furthermore, on the other hand, consequently ...

Noun Phrases, Verbs and Adverbs

Another way to make sentences more interesting is by using noun phrases, verbs and adverbs to add description.  This will help the reader create a picture in their mind and aid the imagination. Children need to choose words for effect and use a wide range of vocabulary.  Children can start by re-reading what they have written.  They can then identify any nouns used and try and add an adjective in front of it to describe it.  If a verb (doing) word is used in the sentence, children can try and include and adverb to describe how the action is being done.

Developing A Child's Vocabulary

Using a thesaurus is an excellent way of helping children find new words to use.  Many children will keep using words they are familiar with and are easy to spell e.g. big.  A thesaurus will help to introduce new words such as enormous, gigantic, immense etc.  

Reading every day and reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts regularly will also help children come across new words and increase their vocabulary.

With this in mind, Teach My Kids has produced a homework worksheet that will help children with their English sentence structure.  Click on the link below to download your free worksheet.
Teach My Kids - Activities for Children: In this KS2 sentence worksheet, children will turn simple sentences into interesting ones by adding nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Can you make the sentences longer?

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